July 13, 2024

Traffic diversion: Lagos residents decry collapsed street

Traffic diversion: Lagos residents decry collapsed street

*Ojediran Street

Etim Ekpimah

Residents of Ojediran Street in the Ebute axis of Ikorodu Local Government Area of Lagos State have decried the collapsed state of their street.

The street which used to be the envy of other streets in the suburbs has collapsed as trucks of all sizes make use of the area.

A resident, who identified herself as Kudirat, told our correspondent that it would be too bad if the government abandoned the street after completing Ebute road.

She added that heavy traffic has attracted dust in their homes and street as some residents were seen to be pouring water on the street to douse dust.

Traffic diversion: Lagos residents decry collapsed street
Ojediran Street

“It will be too bad for the government to abandon this street after destroying it. I continue my room always and upon that before someone returns home the whole place is covered with dust.

“This is a street; it is not meant for heavy-duty vehicles, the noise from these vehicles is terrifying in a small street,” she said.

Another resident, who identified himself as Bayo, told our correspondent that if government lingers on constructing the street, many houses are likely to collapse as flood water which flows through gutters would be channelled into peoples’ homes.

He added that the Ebute road is nearing completion and that they were expecting the government to begin surveying the street and other adjoining streets like Liberty and Jarint streets for construction or reconstruction.

Traffic diversion: Lagos residents decry collapsed street
Ojediran Street

High Chief Ifagbenro Afuwape, said the government had assured the residents that they would reconstruct the street once they are done with the main road.

He said: “Before we never allow trucks to pass through the street. But the government before embarking on the construction of the main road, approached us to allow traffic diversion to the street. They told us that once they complete the main road, whatever damage the street has suffered, would repair it.”

Special Adviser on Works, Lagos State Government, Mrs Aramide Adeyoye, said whatever damage the road has suffered, would be fixed.

Ebute Road nearing completion

She said: “It will be fixed.”

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