July 22, 2024

ADC candidate in A’Ibom to tackle youth unemployment, rural underdevelopment if voted governor


Ini Billie, Uyo
Akwa Ibom State governorship candidate of African Democratic Congress (ADC) party, Arc. Ezekiel Nya-Etok has promised to tackle the twin problems of youth unemployment and rural underdevelopment; two key problems of the state.
Speaking at the weekend in Uyo, Nya-Etok, who said that his campaign and tour across some communities in the state, showed a high level of youth unemployment and rural underdevelopment.
He added that as a governor, tackling those problems would be his focus.
According to him, it was disheartening to hear youths in the rural areas complain of unemployment and underdevelopment among other challenges, noting that education was not a motivation for many youths as there are no jobs for them after spending time and money to go to school.
“Youth unemployment in the villages is scary. If you hear what is going on in the villages, a major time bomb is ticking. There is high level of youth unemployment in the villages.
“Number one problem in Akwa Ibom State is youth unemployment. Today, if I work out the policy of development, governance tool, I will be hitting the nail where it matters. The second is rural areas underdevelopment.
“I am going to be your next governor because I am a strategic striker, I never miss.
“That is why I can stay without holding any appointment and there is no year you don’t hear about me in the past 20 years.
“I am a strategic striker, that is why when they are running around, I am entering the heart of people.
“Election is not tomorrow, I am planting seeds at the grassroots. I have a game plan after Christmas and the End of the year.
“I know what the Electoral Act says, many people don’t know. I know what is going to happen at the polls, many people don’t know.
“I am going around, winning the heart of the people. I am laying foundation for March, people are busy doing jamboree. I am having meeting with primary school teachers, I am the one they are talking to,” he stated.
Explaining that he was planting seeds that would germinate and ensure he emerges governor in 2023, Nya-Etok said with the current political development in the state, his main contender at the polls in 2023 would be the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidate, Pastor Umo Eno.
He said, “When all the seeds I am planting starts to germinate in the month of February, at that point we go for debate, I want to tell you now that Young Progressives Party (YPP) is going to work with me.
“Who do you think All Progressives Congress (APC) will work for? At the end of the day, it is going to be between Umo Eno and myself and everybody is going to come over to my team. I now see such a window and I am not serious?
“At the election, I am not trying to gain popularity, I am shooting to win the elections and by the grace of God, I will win”.
Nya-Etok explained that he did not contest the Akwa Ibom State governorship election in 2011, and 2015 as misconstrued in some quarters, adding that he supported Governor Udom Emmanuel’s candidacy in 2015 with N30 million.
“Do you know why people think I’m always contesting election? there is no year that I’m not heard loudly in Akwa Ibom State assisting in one way or the other, it is on rare occasion in Akwa Ibom State to hear someone’s name except when he or she is contesting for an election.
“I spent over thirty million of my hard earned money supporting Governor Udom Emmanuel in 2015.
‘In 2011, I didn’t contest for governorship election so where did they get this notion that I’m always contesting election.
‘In 2019 I took my social governance ideology to the ballot searching for a party that will adopt and in the absence of non, I test run in preparation for 2023 election”, he stated.

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