I am profoundly humbled, Tinubu thanks Nigerians for electing him

I am profoundly humbled, Tinubu thanks Nigerians for electing him

President-Elect, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu says he is profoundly humbled to be elected the 16th president of Nigeria.

In an acceptance speech shortly after he was returned as the president by the chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission on Wednesday morning, Tinubu said even if he knelt down or prostrated, people would not still understand how grateful he was.

“I am profoundly humbled to be elected to serve as the 16th president of our beloved country. It is an affirmation of our democratic existence. I say thank you. How humble could I be if I do cultural ‘idobale,’ kneel, bending, nobody will understand me. I wish all of you well.  Whether Batified, articulated, obedient, or Kwankwasoia, you voted and struggled for Nigeria. I thank you for placing your trust in Nigeria’s democracy.”

Starting his speech, he said, “To Almighty Allah, Alhamudullai to all of you, it’s not a night to address party leaders, can’t give an acceptance speech and just leave. I will start by saying thank you to our national leadership-thanked Senator Abdullahi.

“It’s a big letter of achievement. not a small letter in history. I thank the entire members of the working committee.

“I hereby accept to serve you, be your servant and not a leader, and make Nigeria a great country.

He appealed to fellow contestants to work together with him.

“I appeal to my fellow contestants to let us see things together. We must build together, work together to bring broken pieces together, and work for the unity and happiness of the country.

“Let’s collaborate to create the symphony that will make the music of prosperity a piece of music for our country. We have what it takes, creativity, knowledge, and determination.  I promise I will work with you to make Nigeria the destination of returning home to contribute to the development of the country.

“To the youths, we are going to embark on the journey together. I will pay undivided attention to your education, be creative, make credit available, education loans will be available, no more strikes, and universities will have autonomy, to be creative.”

He applauded the party members for working to ensure compliance with the requirement of the electoral commission. “The ship did not sink or waver, we anchor well. I can’t go line by line to list your position. Many of the leaders are awake to get the results of the collation.

“To the workers in the situation room, their situation will improve. The party will reward them but they should be patient. I have two people Aminu, and Babatunde Oghara, who handle the let-out gorilla on the other side of the aisle.

“It’s a night of friendship. To the party, can’t believe people will be on tonight- the calculator, Ganduje, Atiku Bagudu.

“We have made a promise to the country, the night we were beaten in Lagos. I said it was a temporary setback. I thank my wife for standing by me tremendously- a very prayerful woman.

“A Renewed hope has dawned and landed in Nigeria. I represent that support. with your support, the promise will be fulfilled. We will do it together. I commend INEC for running a credible election.

“The lapses reported were few and too few to affect the result of the election. With each cycle of the election, we perfect the process. Nigeria shines as the giant of Africa. You are a patriotic citizen be helpful to our integrity, character, and reputation.

“I thank everybody that supported my campaign, especially President Muhammadu Buhari, I thank my wife and the entire family of the President describing them as committed, patriotic, loyal, and firm. I Thank my running mate and the VP elect and described him as an immovable pillar of support.”

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