May 21, 2024

Tinubu urges other contenders not to resort to violence, seek redress in court

Tinubu urges other contenders not to resort to violence, seek redress in court

President-elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu has urged his fellow contenders not to resort to violence but should seek redress in court.

Tinubu said this in a statement on Wednesday, minutes after he was declared the winner of the 2023 presidential election.

According to him, he has the utmost respect for the candidates who took part in the presidential election, as he extends the hand of friendship to them.

“Whether you are Batified, Atikulated, Obidient, Kwankwasiyya, or have any other political affiliation, you voted for a better, more hopeful nation and I thank you for your participation and dedication to our democracy.

“You decided to place your trust in the democratic vision of a Nigeria founded on shared prosperity and one nurtured by the ideals of unity, justice, peace and tolerance. Renewed hope has dawned in Nigeria.

“To my fellow candidates, former VP Atiku, former governor Kwankwaso, former governor Obi and all others, I extend the hand of friendship. This was a competitive, high-spirited campaign. You have my utmost respect.

“Political competition must now give way to political conciliation and inclusive governance.

“During the election, you may have been my opponent but you were never my enemy. In my heart, you are my brothers.

“Still, I know some candidates will be hard put to accept the election results. It is your right to seek legal recourse. What is neither right nor defensible is for anybody to resort to violence. Any challenge to the electoral outcome should be made in a court of law, and not in the streets.

“I also ask my supporters to let peace reign and tensions fade. We ran a principled, peaceful and progressive campaign. The aftermath of our campaign must be as benign.

“Yes, there are divisions amongst us that should not exist. Many people are uncertain, angry and hurt; I reach out to every one of you. Let the better aspects of our humanity step forward at this fateful moment. Let us begin to heal and bring calm to our nation,” he said.

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