Bawa urges undergraduates to shun Internet fraud

Bawa urges undergraduates to shun Internet fraud

Glory Ebomah

Chairman, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Mr Abdulrasheed Bawa has called on students in institutions of higher learning across the country, to steer clear of all forms of internet fraud to accelerate the development of the country.

He said this on Wednesday, April 5, 2023, at the inauguration of Zero Tolerance Club at Baze University, Abuja.

Bawa, who was represented by the Secretary to the Commission, Dr. George Ekpungu says the penalties of internet crimes are stiff, and therefore enjoined them to avoid all temptation that may lead them to join the trend.

“Every variant of internet fraud, such as romance scam, business email compromise, hacking, impersonation, forex scam and others are corrupt practices and must not be found among you”, he said.

Continuing, he pointed out that: “As undergraduates, you are expected to channel your creative energies into useful engagements and not into dishonest and dubious means of cheating others of their resources”.

Director, Public Affairs Department of the Commission and Commander of the EFCC, CE Osita Nwajah, stressed the importance of joining the club and the essence of the Operational Manual for Integrity and Zero Tolerance Clubs which are presented to the school as a guide for the club’s activities.

Also at the occasion, Head, Enlightenment and Reorientation Unit of the Commission, Aisha Mohammed said the essence of launching the club was to inculcate virtues of integrity, honesty, discipline, tolerance and patriotism in the students.

Bawa urges undergraduates to shun Internet fraud

In a response, Registrar of the University, Mani Ibrahim Mohammed, emphasized the essence of being upright and charged the students to avoid crimes and criminality at all costs.

“There is nothing more important than integrity. Integrity may not give you money today, but it is going to put you on the path of success.

“Money always comes:  it may not come in your early life, but if you work hard with integrity and you are steadfast, you will succeed, you will make money than you ever believe in your life, and you will be able to afford all the things you want in your life and be able to walk straight with your head high up as an important and respected member of the society”.

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