May 23, 2024

Osun 2022: APC, PDP agents buy votes, force voters to swear before being paid


Reports are emerging from Osun State that there are widespread votes buying in the ongoing governorship election.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) are said to be the main culprits in the disgraceful hunch to get people’s votes.

Some observers in the election said in many of the polling units, the APC agents “rewarded” voters with an amount between N5,000 and N10,000 after casting their votes while the PDP gave N4,000 and above to voters after forcing them to swear an oath in confirmation that they voted for the candidate of the party.

At Ward 03, Ikija 11, Polling Unit 002, C.A.C Primary School, Ifetedo, Ife-South Local Government Area, an APC agent reportedly gave a “pass” to those who vote for his party as he directed them to a house close to the polling unit to get N5,000.

Also, at a polling unit located in Salvation Army Grammar School, Alekuwodo in Osogbo the State capital, voters were seen going into a house three blocks away from the polling unit where money was being shared.

According to witnesses, some voters were given N4,000 after showing proof that they voted for the PDP while those who could not show proof of voting for the party were asked to swear before they were given the money.

A voter confirmed that they were paid after a woman who claimed to have voted for the PDP was not paid because she refused to swear.

The voter who spoke in the Yoruba Language said “They asked the woman to swear that she voted for the PDP but she refused to do that, so she was not paid. Those party people are crazy. But our people are taught to be doing that.

“Before we used to collect money and vote for the party we wanted but now, they would ask you to swear that it was their party you voted for. Even the APC, before they pay you, they would ask you to vote. PDP people are down there, I had to look for them. I have been paid too. I was paid N4,000.”

Similarly, at a junction close to Polling Unit 07, Registration Area 007 in Ilesha East Local Government Area, a young lady confirmed that APC will be giving voters N10,000 to vote for its candidate.

There is also a house close to Ward 03, Ikija 11, PU 002, C.A.C Primary School, Ifetedo, Ife-South LGA where voters go to be paid N5,000 by the APC.

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