July 16, 2024

Names of travellers killed in Jos attack


*Jos attack

The travellers killed by hoodlums on their way back from Islamic event on Saturday have been Identified.

The victims were allegedly killed by natives that laid ambush on the travellers along the Rukuba road in Jos North, Plateau State of North Central Nigeria while on their way back to Ikare, Ondo State.

The attacked people were in a convoy of five 18-seater buses with one of the buses containing 22 people, Humanangle quoted one of the victims.

The attackers stopped and started beating and stoning them, killing 26 people, and injuring 20 while a total of 34 others are still missing. Fourteen of the travellers were rescued from the attack.

One of the survivors from the family of Alhaji Baido who had three of his brothers, Sule Alhaji Baido, Gambo Alhaji Baido, and Maude Alhaji Baido killed, said there are still three members of his family travelling with him missing as they were seven in number during the journey.

Plateau state Governor, Simon Lalong has since declared a curfew to prevent reprisal attacks and a possible breakdown of law and order. The incident now dubbed ‘Rukuba Massacre’ has drawn severe condemnations from all over the country.

According to reports, 20 suspects have been arrested and further investigation is ongoing to get to the bottom of the matter while security agents have been deployed to the scene and a manhunt has been launched for the perpetrators.

According to the report website; these are the names of the travellers killed during the attack:

1. Sule Alhaji Baido

2. Mallam Ahmadu

3. Siddi Abubakar

4. Abdulkarim Mumini

5. Mallam Suleiman

6. Mallam Salihu Halilu

7. Mallam Muhammadu

8. Mallam Bello Ori

9. Mallam Abdulkarim

10. Hadimin Mallam Musa Shehu

11. Alhaji Muhammadu Lawal

12. Alhaji Rugga

13. Baa Alhaji Bayo

14. Gambo Alhaji Baido

15. Alhaji Usman Lolo Shagari

16. Mallam Maude Alhaji Baido

17. Ibrahim Haruna

18. Mallam Muhammad II

19 Salihu Hunter

20. Yakubu Mallam Bello

21. Mallam Isyaku

22. Four unidentified others.

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