July 13, 2024

Gunmen attack soldiers in Anambra


Gunmen on Saturday stormed Agulu Town in Anaoche Local Government area of Anambra State town and attacked soldiers at a security check point along Agulu – Ekwulobia road in the state.

Some of the soldiers who were obvious not suspecting the unprovoked attack by the bandits sustained gunshot injuries

As at the time of this report, it was not yet certain the number of casualty in the brutal assault on the checkpoint.

An eyewitness said the gunmen came with a Highlander jeep and a Hilux truck chanting release Nnamdi Kanu and opened fire at the unsuspecting solders who tactically withdrew from their duty post for safety.

The witness said the attackers were carrying heavy assault rifles with several magazines going after the solders.

“They came with Hilux And Toyota jeep; all clean cars. They faced the soldiers people at Agulu town hall face to face. Those withdrew for their safety.

“They kept on shooting into the air chanting ‘release Nnamdi Kanu for us, release Nnamdi Kanu for us, Release Nnamdi Kanu for us,” he said.

According to the source, The gunmen were so confident and relaxed and they were not in a hurry because nobody was there to challenge them and nobody can when you witness the kind of superior fire power that they displayed” the source said.

The State Police Command is yet to react on the incident as the telephone calls to the Police Public Relations Officer did not connect.

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