June 23, 2024

Emmanuel casts vote, commends peaceful governorship/assemblies elections

I have just exercised my right to vote as a resident of Lagos State. It's an important responsibility we all share in building the future of our beloved state and country. I urge all eligible voters to come out and make their voices heard. Security officials are at every polling unit to ensure the safety of voters, let us coperate with them and vote peacefully. Remember, our votes count, and every vote matters.

Ini Billie, Uyo

The Akwa Ibom State Governor, Mr Udom Emmanuel has commended the peaceful Gubernatorial and State House of Assemblies elections.

Speaking after casting his vote in Unit 1, Awa ward 1 in Onna Local Government Area, Emmanuel rated the process 90 per cent but vowed to deal with persons reported to be disrupting elections in some parts of the state.

According to the governor, he has reported the incident of a woman who came in from Abuja to disrupt elections with a truckload of police to the Police authority, hoping that serious actions would be taken against her.

“Whatsoever that has a beginning must have an end, I think I’m excited to hand over, check the whole country I think I am the first governor to set up a transition committee which means I can’t wait to leave, this eight-year is like eighty years so I’m excited today that we are going to elect another person that will take over from me.

“Another thing that interests me most is the peaceful conduct I’m seeing all over my local government here. I’ve just been told of fake people all over the place, they just told me now that one Rita Okemese that came in from Abuja with a truck of police, is just disrupting the election, I’ve reported her to the AIG, hopefully, the police authority will take serious action against her.

“Police is meant to ensure free fair and credible election but what she is doing in Eket is going to create a lot of problems. I’ve reported accordingly and I expect action to be taken.

“No election is 100 per cent perfect but I can score 90 per cent which is still excellent,” he stated.

Meanwhile, our correspondent who monitored elections in Uyo, Nsit Ibom, Nsit Ubium and Onna local government areas reports that INEC staff arrived at the polling units early with election materials and the voting exercise is being conducted peacefully.

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