June 21, 2024

2023: Trade group declares support for Tinubu, Sanwo-Olu


A trade group, under the auspices of Lagos Planks and Building Materials Market Association, has expressed support for the All Progressives Congress, APC, Presidential Candidate, Bola Tinubu and the second term bid of Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu in 2023 general polls.

The President of the association, Abdullateef Adelodun, on behalf of members, expressed their support at a media briefing in Ikeja, on Friday, ahead of the group’s 30th-anniversary celebration slated for November 1.2023.

Adelodun said that the trade group, operating in 170 markets in Lagos, have resolved to support all the APC candidates in the state as well at the forthcoming general elections.

According to him, “Among those jostling to get the presidency, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu stands head and shoulder above the rest. If we, as a nation, are ruled by the desire to tap our most competent, most able, best tested and adroit consideration for the presidency, Asiwaju is the impeccable choice.

“Lagos today serves as a refuge to other Nigerians who are fleeing from the farcical misrule and gross incompetence in their home states. Lagos is not playing this role by accident.

“Tinubu deliberately planned Lagos for this role when he involved other tribes in the governance of Lagos and ensured that the all-encompassing policy was enduring to date.

“We are supporting Asiwaju’Tinubu because we know he has the capacity to serve all Nigerians in equal measures.

“When Tinubu is elected president, he will be a Nigerian first before being a Yoruba man, and he did demonstrate this cosmopolitan carriage when he was Lagos governor,” he said.

Adelodun, therefore, urged the South-West zone to adopt and rally around Tinubu to ensure victory as he remains the best man to succeed the incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari, with its second largest votes in order to bring the dividends of democracy to the ordinary Nigerians.

“The association is wholly convinced and sure that Tinubu is the Yoruba’s best foot in 2023, considering his antecedents and his fruitful governance in Lagos,” he said.

Adelodun added that Tinubu, a former governor of Lagos State, has paid his dues with a wealth of experience, and worked out an oasis of growth and economic development, which had benefitted and continued to benefit other states and other ethnic groups apart from the Yoruba.

He continued: “The South West must vote for Tinubu because he is the best option of this in the race; he is the most experienced. No one has his kind of experience; he is very competent and qualified.

“He is a man from the southwest, he is our leader from the southwest, he is our own, why should we not vote for our own?

“Tinubu is a leader who transforms nothing into something and feeds his people from the riches of what has been so transformed. Tinubu ‘deserves kudos for spotting political talents’.

“Of course, the pivotal role Tinubu played in the formation of APC, which eventually wrested power from PDP, cannot be ignored.

“It is uncharitable for some individuals in the South West to continue their unsavoury commentaries on the candidacy, but Tinubu needs the total support of Yoruba.

“If given the maximum support, Tinubu will impact the general human capital development and provide the right atmosphere for Yoruba to excel in various endeavours.

“Given the massive success Tinubu wrought in Lagos, it behoves every Yoruba man to see the dawn of a golden future not only for Yoruba but all Nigerians with a Tinubu presidency.

“The South as a whole and indeed every Nigerian must now see this season as an opportunity we cannot afford to miss in the interest of the entire country.

“We need to march in great numbers as Yoruba, to support our very best chance at the Nigerian Presidency in 2023.

“He is at the very door of success. The least every Yoruba owe him is our total and unalloyed support as history beckons in 2023.

“Our members as individuals and as a group have continued to be law abiding in all the 13 zones and 170 markets, and support of government policies and programmes for the progress of the state,” Adelodun said.


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