February 22, 2024

Yahoo boy killed mother before sleeping with her corpse

Yahoo boy killed mother before sleeping with her corpse

Residents of the Kurna community in Enugu State were shocked when a suspected “Yahoo boy” named Benson Emmanuel was caught in a disturbing act.

He was found sleeping with his mother’s corpse after allegedly stabbing her to death.

The incident caused an uproar, and the suspect was paraded around the community before being beaten to death by an angry mob.

It was reported that the suspect had poisoned his mother before fatally stabbing her, ensuring her demise. The suspect was arrested on April 18th and faced severe beatings before the mob resorted to jungle justice.

According to eyewitnesses, the suspect was a well-known Yahoo boy in the community, notorious for his extravagant spending and lavish displays of wealth.

One anonymous eyewitness, who spoke to the arriving journalists, revealed that the suspect was caught in the act on top of his deceased mother, whom he was accused of killing.

The younger sister of the suspect, named Unoma, witnessed the horrific incident and immediately ran out of the house to call their neighbours for help.

She recounted that upon returning from school, she discovered her brother in a compromising position with their mother.

Unoma believes that if she had not escaped and sought help, her brother may have also killed her in an attempt to cover up the crime.

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