March 3, 2024

Transport administrators seek truck drivers to work only at night

Transport administrators seek truck drivers to work only at night

The President of the Chartered Institute of Transport Administration, Prince Segun Ochuko Obayendo, FinsTA, has bemoaned the recent tragic incident on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway that claimed the life of a truck driver.

The tragic incident happened in the early hours of Saturday when the truck driver lost control and collided with another tanker behind, killing the driver.

Obayendo, in a statement, signed by Chinwe Uwaegbute, its National Publicity Secretary, emphasised the need for truck drivers to operate ‘exclusively’ at night.

“We must revisit the policy allowing truck drivers to exclusively operate on our roads at midnight.

“President Prince Segun Ochuko Obayendo, FinsTA, calls upon the relevant agencies responsible for ensuring highway safety to take decisive action to prevent these incidents from becoming a recurring occurrence.

“Additionally, the Truck Owners Association of Nigeria is urged to prioritize the vigilance and physical fitness of its members before allowing them to operate on the roads.

“Furthermore, the government is urged to explore deliberate investments in railway infrastructure nationwide for the transportation of highly inflammable goods.

“During this difficult time, we extend our heartfelt condolences to the family of the deceased truck driver. CIOTA remains committed to advocating for the safety and welfare of all transport stakeholders.”

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