June 23, 2024

Traders denied entrance into market in Lagos

Traders denied entrance into market in Lagos

Igbo traders, were on Monday, 3 April 2023 locked out of the market where they have stores and shades.

A spokesman of the stranded traders posted on a Twitter page that when they inquired of what had happened for them to be locked out but were informed that it was the chairman of the area that gave the order.

He said: “This morning, traders at Akorode Market (the market is on Ijesha Express) are stranded outside the gate.

“On enquiry, we are informed that the local government chairman ordered the locking of the market for no reason or whatsoever and it is generally believed that this is the fallout of the just concluded elections, where some sections of the country residing in Lagos are being ordered to leave Lagos or be frustrated out. Please, we want the authority concerned to find out from the local government chairman his reasons for locking the traders out of the market today Monday, 3 April 2023.”

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