April 13, 2024

Tinubu to allocate N1.5bn for cars to First Lady Office

Tinubu to allocate N1.5bn for cars to First Lady Office

Bola Tinubu has unveiled a proposal to allocate over N6.9 billion for the procurement of vehicles, with the Office of the First Lady set to receive a staggering N1.5 billion for new cars.

These revelations were made in the Supplementary Budget presented by Tinubu to the National Assembly for approval.

This proposal is part of a larger Supplementary Budget of N2.17 trillion, which has raised eyebrows and sparked debate across the nation.

The government aims to allocate N2.9 billion for the purchase of Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) for the Presidential Villa, along with an additional N2.9 billion for the replacement of cars in the government vehicle pool.

Critics have pointed out the timing of these extravagant proposals, as they come at a time when the Nigerian population is still reeling from the controversial decision by the National Assembly to secure N75 billion worth of vehicles.

The move has triggered protests in Lagos and Abuja as young activists express their frustration with what they see as excessive spending in the face of a challenging economic climate.

The Supplementary Budget also reveals additional spending plans, with N28 billion earmarked for the State House and a significant N12.5 billion allocated for the Presidential Air Fleet.

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