June 24, 2024

SSA asks FG to fix roads, says existing roads are death traps

SSA asks FG to fix roads, says existing roads are death traps

Etim Ekpimah

The Southern Solidarity Alliance (SSA) has urged the Federal Government, under the leadership of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to look into the absurd, deplorable, and deathtrap state of the federal roads in Southern Nigeria.

The group, however, called on the Federal Government to reconstruct and upgrade the roads for swift movement of goods and services within the country. They added that the roads need a complete reconstruction and not repair.

The group said this in a report made available to our correspondent on Wednesday and e-signed by the National Coordinator, Mr Ndubuisi Okafor; National Publicity Secretary, Hon. Ufuoma Adievuwhare O., and National Secretary, Dr Akinrolabu Olukayode.

According to them, on some of the roads, which were originally tarred, the asphalts had worn out leaving the bare earth, which in many cases are pressed right inside forming large potholes, gullies, and in some places the sands create huge unpassable walls for vehicles, making driving impossible.

“In some instances, vehicles get stuck inside the earth, in which case no other vehicle moves until the one with the tyres half buried in the soil (usually a truck), is pulled out before any other vehicle can pass.

SSA asks FG to fix roads, says existing roads are death traps

“The lighter vehicles usually go on alternative voyages through other inner roads that are not better, but more manageable to avoid difficult ordeals. Some of the terrible sections have become kidnappers’ dens, making road travel in the south worse than a nightmare.

“We had thought that the upgraded Lagos-Ibadan express road would serve as the template design for other key connecting roads across the South. But it appears we are hoping in vain as there are no signs at all that the road dungeons will be closed any time soon,” they stated.

The group said it was heinous that the FG could envision road and rail constructions into another country (Niger), yet do nothing about the roads in Southern Nigeria.

They added: “We note that over 90 per cent of the financial resources used by the FG, all other states and the FCT Abuja, and local governments across the entire country are generated in this southern part of Nigeria.

“Yet we are having this deplorable situation here. They use our resources to develop and run administrations in the far-flung parts of this country while leaving the South where all the money is made without the much-needed infrastructure.

“We, therefore, denounce this suck the orange colonial method adopted by the FG. It is reprehensible and unacceptable. We warn that such an attitude should not be allowed to continue as we are ready to legitimately fight for our own.

SSA asks FG to fix roads, says existing roads are death traps

“Even countries at war cannot have these roads. And here they are in Southern Nigeria; a country regarded as the giant of Africa.”

The group specifically mentioned:

1. Ipele to Isua

2. Sagamu-Ore Road

3. Ore – Benin Road

4. Benin – Asaba Road

5. Onitsha – Owerri – Aba

6. Onitsha – Enugu Exp.

7. Enugu – P/Harcourt

8. Benin – Auchi Road

9. Umuahia – Akwa Ibom

10. Uyo – Calabar

11. Enugu – Nnokpanta (Bad Spot)

12. Nsukka-Enugu Road, etc.

We, however, urge the FG to declare a state of emergency on these roads, and reconstruct and upgrade them as appropriate.

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