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Speed Darlington Biography| Education | Mother | Career | Net Worth

Speed Darlington

Darlington Okoye popularly known as Speed Darlington, is a US-based Nigerian songwriter, musician, dancer, singer, and social media comedian.

In this article, we will be discussing who Speed Darlington is, his education, career, age, net worth, and social media handles, among others.

Speed Darlington Early Life and Education

Speed Darlington is a Nigerian artist that was born in Arondizuogu, Imo state, Nigeria, in the Ideato North local government area. He is popularly known as a controversial Nigerian rapper located in the United States who has gone popular on social media multiple times after his music videos went viral.

Although his parents are not married to each other, Speed Darlington is the only son they had together while they were together. 

Speed Darlington was raised in Bronx, New York, the United States of America. Nonetheless, information regarding his educational experience is not available at the moment. 

However, Speed Darlington, more or less, has a First School Leaving Certificate, and a West African Examination Certificate. An Igbo by tribe/ethnicity, Darlington is a Nigerian by nationality, and a Southerner by region. 

Speed Darlington Age

He was born on 13th March  but his year of birth is not certain as at the time this article is published.

Speed Darlington Career

Speed Darlington is professionally a musician, a songwriter, a dancer singer and social media comedian.

Speed Darlington started out as a dancer in Queen Achakpo band back in 1990. His musical influence includes the likes of Snoop Dogg, Queen Achakpo, Justin Timberlake, late 2 Pac and Michael Michael Jackson

Speed Darlington began to trend on social media sometime in 2016 after a couple of his music videos hit the internet. From giving himself titles like “energy god”, “Scorpio king” “ Irregular speedometer” to associating himself with phrases such as “I am not regular” “Inspiring Diddy since 2017”, Speed has proven he is not one to be fazed by anything. One of his most popular hits “bang da dadang” was released in 2017. 

Despite the backlash from a section of the public, he stays optimistic about his journey to stardom. He constantly refers to himself as an international rapper, always ready to spit a freestyle and never hesitates to request for support or ask for what he wants. 

Speed has not left his controversial style outside the political spac. On one of his Instagram rants, he expressed anger at US President, Donald Trump, for granting African artists, visas to the US to hold concerts, to the satiric post where he called out dogs bearing the names of allegedly corrupt Nigerian leaders, he seems to be a man of the people. He has even expressed his views on IPOB in a post where he put up a picture stating “Buhari is dead! Glory be to God!!” and supported it with the caption:” I’m happy! If I can’t be the 1st president of Biafra, then I don’t want it.”

Darlington is certainly not regular. He is hardly ever pressured to conform to fashion or beauty trends. He actually has a unique style which he constantly rocks. Most outstanding perhaps, is his unique hairstyle, which he has confirmed to be a “transmitter and receiver of energy”.

His popularity stems from an explosive Twitter feud Vic O. Since then he has had his popularity stems from an explosive Twitter feud Vic O. He has also had beef with Princess Vitarah, Bobrisky, Don Jazzy, Wizkid.  He is also very apt at cussing out event organizers who swindle him or refuse to give him props. Most explosive perhaps is the one with the organizers of One Africa Fest for not giving him his props as the “King of New York City”.

In September 2017, the rapper took to social media to celebrate after he made $135 in music sales for the first time in 7 years. He wrote, “Lmaoooo! Thank God! Finally I have made $100 & more from music selling. After 7 years I been releasing music singles + video to help push it. #BangDadaDangdone make me money lol. Still grateful *My Party* made me $13.”

Speed Darlington Relationship

Speed Darlington hasn’t made any of his relationships open to the public yet. So, his relationship status is unavailable at the moment.

He said to the public that he is not one to chase after women or spend money to get their attention. He believes his person is already more than enough to offer. According to him, he has a huge crush on actress Tonto Dike.

From his throwback posts to mentions, the local traditional beads he wears with everything and the occasional use of his indigenous dialect, Speed Darlington is always alluding to his heritage and descent. In less than 10 minutes on his social media pages is enough for you to figure out that he is an Igbo boy from Nigeria.

Sometime in 2017, Speed Darlington revealed that he is the son of late a folk singer, Chief Pericoma Mezuo Okoye, who died on February 16th, 2017. 

He also expressed his hatred for the father he claims killed those who offended him. “I HATED him & I kinda miss him indirectly now that his gone. I have to pay to punish people now. When he was around if girl say no to me or someone cross me? I just call him and cry over the phone and he took care of the rest,” he said. 

Who is Speed Darlington Mother?

Speed Darlington is the son of Queen Theresa Onuorah. So Queen Theresa Onuorah is the mother of Speed Darlington. While dating her now-ex Pericoma Okoye, Queen Theresa Onuorah gave birth to him.

Speed Darlington mother

His father, Pericoma Okoye, is a traditionalist and singer, and his mother, Queen Theresa Onuorah, is the leader of Africa’s Egedege dance.

Speed Darlington Songs 

Since he started his music career in 2017, Darlington Okoye has released a couple of songs. These are some of his released songs: 

  • Popping Heavy
  • My Girl
  • Cash & Carry
  • Enigma
  • Bad Girl
  • Saturday Night
  • My Party
  • Hustle Hard
  • Lets Dance
  • 50 inches or Better
  • …….and many more.

Speed Darlington Life Summary

Full NameDarlington Okoye
ProfessionMusical artist
Place of birthArondizuogu, Imo state, Nigeria
Net worthEstimated about $100,000 – $300,00

Speed Darlington Net Worth 

Speed Darlington’s net worth is estimated to be between $100,000 thousand and $300,000 thousand. Of course, this is linked to the fact that he is doing well for himself.

Speed Darlington Social Media Handles

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