March 3, 2024

Release Nnamdi Kanu before it is too late, IPOB tells FG


The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has reiterated its call on the Federal Government to release its detained leader, Mazi Kanu, on health grounds, before it’s too late.

The separatist’s group insisted that Kanu was “criminally abducted” from Kenya and detained illegally in Nigeria.

IPOB said that the continued incarceration of Kanu was a violation of his fundamental human rights.

The spokesman of the group, Mr Emma Powerful, urged Justice Binta Nyako to protect the sanctity of the judiciary by issuing an order to release the IPOB leader.

“We, the global movement of IPOB, wish to state unequivocally that the rendition of Kanu from Kenya to Nigeria since June 2021 till date is a violation of his fundamental rights.

“No civilised nation in the world, more so, those under common law system of justice, condone kidnapping and extrajudicial transfer of suspects across international borders, without the authority of law grounded in an extradition process.

“The Nigerian court must protect the sanctity of the institution of the judiciary by ordering the unconditional release of Kanu in the face of the fundamental violations of international and local laws by the Federal Government in the abduction and extraordinary rendition of our great leader,” the statement read

“We insist that our great leader, Kanu, should be released unconditionally without much delay and hesitation.”

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