June 23, 2024

Pass electoral offences commission bill, political analyst tells NASS

Pass electoral offences commission bill, political analyst tells NASS

Abimbola Babatunde

As Nigerians prepare for polls, a political analyst, Mr Alexander Orji, has called for the passage of the Bill for the establishment of the National Electoral Offences Commission.

Speaking on Wednesday, Orji maintained that establishing the commission would adequately tackle electoral offences and ensure that Nigeria’s elections are strong and secure.

Orji spoke with CitizenDiary in an exclusive interview in the Ikorodu Local Government Area of Lagos State.

“The act should have provisions for clamping down on electoral offenders, ensuring the safety and security of voters and candidates. It must also provide for necessary infrastructure and resources to ensure the successful conduct of free, fair, and credible elections,” he said.

According to Orji, without such an agency in place, elections in Nigeria would be risky and prone to irregularities and manipulation.

“Therefore, it is important to take the necessary steps to ensure that the bill is passed.

“This bill has been in progress for some time now though it has not been passed,” he said.

Orji said the process of consideration and passage of the bill has been slow.

“Representatives of major political parties, as well as civil society organisations, have been engaged in discussions on how best to address the issue of electoral malpractice in the country.

“Additionally, the National Assembly has been undertaking public hearings across the country on the proposed legislation, further necessitating delays,” he said.

He quoted Prof. Yakubu Mahmood, Chairman, Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), as discussed, on Feb. 19 at the Chatham House, the impact of election-related violence and voter intimidation on the electoral process.

Mahmood also stressed the need for strong enforcement mechanisms and rigorous prosecution of electoral offenders.

“INEC is handicapped to prosecute various offenders; Nigerians must demand passage of the bill and adhere to legislation.

“We must now consider that a lot of work is needed to achieve the progress we are craving for.”

He added establishing the commission would go a long way to make the election process more transparent.

“The upcoming Nigerian elections will be incredibly important for the country and it is vital that the electoral process is conducted in an efficient and transparent manner.

“Without the commission’s oversight, there is the potential for local or national officials to take advantage of their positions for personal gains.

“Therefore, reliable and independent oversight is essential to ensure that candidates are not unfairly disadvantaged and that the integrity and legitimacy of the voting process are maintained.

“Measures such as the use of international election monitors and strict ballot box security can help to mitigate any potential problems in the absence of the commission,” he told CitizenDiary.

He appealed to election candidates to avoid vote buying.

“Vote buying is an illegal practice that undermines the integrity of democratic processes.

“In the absence of a well-functioning electoral offences commission, it is likely that vote buying will be much more difficult to detect, investigate and prosecute.

“Without a centralised agency responsible for monitoring and investigating voting irregularities, it is difficult for law enforcement authorities to effectively respond to reports of vote buying and other electoral offences,” he said.

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