April 13, 2024

Ogun evacuates more than 80 students, corps members from Jos over crisis


Etim Effiong

The Ogun State government has started evacuating students and youth corps members who are indigenes of the state from Jos, Plateau State, following unabated and senseless killings.

It was learnt that the Office of the National Association of Ogun State Students (NAOSS), coordinated by Comrade Gbemileke Ogunrombi had sent a ‘Safe Our Souls’ message to Governor Dapo Abiodun for evacuation of the state’s indigenes from Jos.

Besides Ogunrombi equally sent the message to the Special Assistant to the Governor on Students Matters, Hon. Adeyemi Azeez, who took it upon himself to see to the timely intervention through his office.

Speaking on the matter, Gbemileke while speaking with journalists on Sunday hailed the governor for his fatherly role in answering their call.

He said: “Immediately we heard about the incident in Jos, we wrote a ‘safe our souls’ letter to the state government and copied the office of the Special Assistant to the Governor on Students Matters to wade into the crisis.

“We requested for two buses to evacuate our students of Ogun origin, instead the government sent five buses with military escorts. We learnt that some students who were not Ogun State indigenes also wanted to join, but they had to verify them very so that our own students will not be left behind.

“Similarly, some youth corps members from Ogun State have been enlisted to join them too, since there is enough bus. The evacuation has started as of the time of this briefing.

“With this government action, Gov Abiodun has demonstrated a fatherly figure and set the pace for other South-West state governments to emulate, being the first government to ever do that.

“He puts the security of students, being his children in faraway Jos as his topmost priority. “On behalf of all the students of Ogun State origin, we want to say a big thank you to our governor, his SA on Students Matters, Comrade Adeyemi Azeez and many others for their timely intervention in saving the lives of our brothers and sisters from the crisis zone.”

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