June 24, 2024

Nigeria, a hunted nation – Apostle Okoriko

Nigeria, a hunted nation - Apostle Okoriko

*R: Solid Rock Evangelist, Apostle John Okoriko expounding the scriptures why Nigeria is a hunted nation. Photo: Dennis Udoma

Dennis Udoma, Uyo

An Akwa Ibom-based fearless preacher and founder of the Solid Rock Kingdom Church, Apostle John Okoriko has described Nigeria as a haunted nation given the activities of her politicians and other persons who are bent on giving the nation a negative image before other countries.

Speaking in Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State capital during interactive Service for June on the theme, “Hunted Houses and Places,” Okoriko explained that Nigeria is hunted by many negative factors that cause other nations to hate her citizens.

Okoriko, whose sermon was based on Genesis 4:1-14, noted that it was the action of Cain in the scriptures that made God curse him for killing his brother Abel and, he was hunted throughout his lifetime before he died as a fugitive.

He listed the way of life of Nigerians that induce other nations to remain hunted as hostility, yahoo boys, banditry, shedding of innocent blood, kidnapping, and immorality, amongst others are commonplace.

“Nigeria is poor and immoral in their dealings and many nations refuse to relate with us.

“We are living in a time that so many shed blood. These were the reasons many nations stagnated for many years until they took over from them in terms of civilization and technology.

“These ancient nations include Egypt; Greece; Babylon, and the Roman Empires, who were sacrificing human blood for royal thrones, but were later overtaken by development as other nations emerged and overshadowed them in science and technology.

“Those kings ruled by shedding the blood of innocent people on their thrones, while others buried their slaves alive in graves,” he said.

Okoriko also disclosed that any family that sheds blood will never succeed as the innocent blood will continue to cry before the Lord for vengeance.

According to him: “If you see a family that sheds blood it will take them many years to raise prominent personalities from such families because the wrath of God is with them,” he added.

Okoriko, who does not believe in the existence of Satan, is the author of a book titled, “Every Satan Has A Human Face,” which maintains that evil follows those who perpetrate the evil.

“When you do something good, goodness will surely follow you and when you do evil, it will also follow you,” he noted.

He, however, recounted his personal experiences saying he had lived in hunted houses and places but was not hunted while the owners of the houses fled from the buildings.

He enjoined Christians not to run away from hunted buildings and other property known to have been “hunted.”

The man of God who was answering questions from online callers explained hunted buildings to be those houses and other places that have been abandoned by their owners because of strange experiences or what they did to the buildings.

“Don’t run away from hunted houses and places. I own them and even buy them from their owners when they refuse to occupy them.

“I will come back to tell you the secret that will help you to live, occupy and own such buildings,” the Apostle stated.

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