April 22, 2024

N’Delta leaders satisfied with Ogbuku’s leadership style in NDDC – Obianime

N’Delta leaders satisfied with Ogbuku's leadership style in NDDC - Obianime

Nathan Tamarapreye, Yenagoa

Former President of Ijaw National Congress (INC), Professor Atuboyedia Obianime, has said that leaders of the Niger Delta region were satisfied with the leadership style of the managing director of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), Dr Samuel Ogbuku.

Obianime disclosed this yesterday in yesterday while speaking to newsmen on the outcome of a recently held strategic meeting between Ogbuku and Niger Delta leaders.

He said from the response they got from the NDDC boss, especially on his vision for the region, including the ongoing ‘Operation HOPE’ and the proposed Niger Delta stakeholders conference, it was clear that a stable region is guaranteed.

The former INC President said: “It is true that the region’s chiefs, elders and leaders met with the NDDC managing director, Dr. Samuel Ogbuku. It is also true that we ventilated about the problems bedevilling the region.

“In that meeting, leaders expressed their various opinions about the underdevelopment of the area, despite the large amount of money that has been pumped into the interventionist agency known as the Niger Delta Development Commission.

“From the response of the managing director, it was obvious that we are in a new era. He told us that hope is not lost and what we will gain at the moment with Operation HOPE.

“He also told us about his vision of having a Niger Delta Stakeholders Conference. It is not just a conference but a representative conference where leaders will look at the various aspects of the mission and vision of the NDDC, and its performance and proffer solutions to areas where they think that things are not going well.

“By the time we finished the meeting with him, we were satisfied that he was the man meant for the job and he knew exactly what he was doing. We believe that with such a leadership who knows their mission and how to go about it, then we are guaranteed a stable Niger Delta.”

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