April 24, 2024

Meet Laurent Simons, 9-year-old university graduate


Laurent Simons has become the subject of discussion world over after it emerged he was on course to attain his first degree from the Eindhoven University of Technology at his tender age.
CNN reported that young Simons is so smart that he picked a very challenging course, electrical engineering which is quite a hard nut to crack even for students of average age at university.
The young ‘’scholar’’, finished his first degree in December 2019.
According to the staff at the university, Simons is simply an extraordinary boy who has inspired many people, including adults.
Simons, in an interview with CNN, revealed he would also like to pursue a medical degree after graduation as well as embarking on a PhD program while at it.

*.Photo: DPA/PA Images

According to Simons’ mum, his favourite subject is electrical engineering

Simons’ parents, Alexander and Lydia Simons said they realised their son was special when his grandparents told them he has a gift, which was later confirmed by his early school teachers.
The parents revealed Simons was taken through many tests while young and his teachers could not believe his ability to solve most of them, terming him a ‘’sponge’’, to mean he was grasping everything taught and read.
According to Simons’ mum, his favourite subject is electrical engineering.

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