April 13, 2024

Lecturer punches OAU student, pushes him out of classroom

Man pushes OAU student, pushes him out of classroom

Etm Ekpimah

A student of the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife, Osun State, South-West, Nigeria, was seen being molested in a viral video posted on X (formerly Twitter) by X user, Folarinne@blackfola1.

Folarinne@blackfola1 stated that the student mistakenly entered a class and apologised, only to be assaulted and given a blow by the lecturer, Dr. Ariyo from the Department of Elect Engineering, OAU.

“The boy is currently bleeding and his SAMSUNG phone was damaged after being assaulted by a lecturer,” he added.

According to the video, a lecturer who assaulted the guy was heard shouting at him to switch off his mobile telephone.

The student was heard asking the lecturer to explain what he did, but the lecturer insisted that the student switch off his mobile telephone, boasting, that even if you (the student) were a Vice Chancellor’s son, he (the lecturer) would not accept the rubbish from him.

He said: “Switch off that phone; you can’t be more than me, even if you were VC’s son, I would not take this from you. Switch off the phone! Switch off the phone! He then punched the student in the head and pushed him out of the class.”

Comments from some students in the school showed that they were averse to how the lecturer treated their course mate, but were taciturn for fear of being assaulted by the same lecturer or the school’s security guards.

“Na them say make the guy go CSO … my guy no gree make them do am any how. Then this happened.


“Them really assault this guy. I’m crying God. Person wey pay school come class. Na him them just rubbish for no reason,” the students query the man’s actions.

Some X users also shared their dislikes.

X user, 21 Boomin@MikeoMilli, said, “This is the village we are living now. Come my sch you go see Shege.

Another X user, leramoh ajayi paul @LeramohPaul, “Obafemi Awolowo University, what a shame, you mean we have such unruly, mannerless lectures in such a beacon of learning? Quite unfortunate, he should be purged ASAP, a very bad example, we thank God for phones.

TheSagee @DatCxx, said, “I fear for Nigerians though. How can undergraduates be so subdued that they will watch a peer getting manhandled this way. Not one student could speak up for this guy, not even the class president or something 🤷🏽‍♀️

“Who abused Nigerians to this point like why is everyone so timid!”

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