June 21, 2024

Flooding, global phenomenon, requires multi-stakeholder solution – NCDMB chief

Flooding, global phenomenon, requires multi-stakeholder solution - NCDMB chief

Nathan Tamarapreye, Yenagoa

Mr Simbi Wabote, the Executive Secretary of the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB) has said that flooding is a perennial global problem not only in Bayelsa State, adding that flooding requires all hands to be on deck to tackle.

The Executive Secretary stated this on Saturday, in a Junior Chambers International (JCI) Senate Association reunion programme in Yenagoa.

The theme for this year’s session is, “Perennial Flooding in Nigeria: Causes and Sustainable Solutions for National Development.

According to him, it is a global problem that the JCI gathered in Bayelsa to find lasting solutions to.

“I think the reason for the theme is the consequences of the flooding in Bayelsa State are really grave because as we see it there is loss of livelihood, families are displaced, schools are shut down and the rest of them.

“So, I think the call to participate in this workshop is that there is the need to be a focus and concerted effort in addressing the issues of flooding in the state.

“Bayelsa State is not only singled out because most states in the Niger Delta are also affected but the discussion has to start somewhere.

“The body decided to say we need to pay more attention because perhaps the devastation of the flood is a lot more in Bayelsa State, when it comes to Nigeria because if you look at the entire Rivers Niger and Benue, the whole thing drains down to Bayelsa State in particular.

“I think parts of the solutions that were professed today is that the state government itself needs to have a heavy focus on flooding issues, not just leave it as something that they pay lip service.

“The participants also called on interventionist agencies like the NDDC to use their resources and focus on issues like this as it relates to flooding because it is strategic, that is such intervention agencies are set up.

“We all know the effect of exploration-exploitation of hydrocarbon and its consequences and it is proper to alleviate the sufferings of the people.

“These agencies were set up. I think they need to be redirected, they need to be asked to be focused on issues of flooding and strategic issues, as opposed to constructing roads to people’s houses, those are not the main strategic issues to the people of the Niger Delta,” he said.

On his part, the guest lecturer, Mr Ebi Wodu, an Engineer said perennial flooding had become an annual issue not only in Bayelsa State but in Nigeria.

He also mentioned causes and types of flooding: which are River flooding, Coastal flooding, Flash flooding and urbanisation, adding that the most important thing is the solution to the problem.

According to him, one cannot eradicate flooding in its entirety but one can do something to reduce the impact of flooding.

He urges individuals, communities, Local Governments, State governments and the Federal government, to collaborate to manage flood disasters.

On his part, the Chairman of Junior Chambers International, (JCI) Mr Oluwarotimi Adewole, said the organisation normally moves to every state of the federation to get the government to know about the issue and challenges facing the people of various states.

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