April 24, 2024

Female chorister discovered to be man after death


Emmanuella Adaolisa, a singer at St. John’s Catholic Church in Iwofe, Port Harcourt has been discovered to be a trans woman after death.

It was learnt that Emmanuella Adaolisa who had been identified as a lady died in a Keke accident.

Church members claim they had no knowledge that Emmanuella was a man until mortuary attendants made the discovery.

However, the word ‘Trans’ is seen on Emmanuella Adaolisa’s Facebook profile.

Chukwuka Gabriel Eseh shared the story on Facebook. He wrote: “What our clime has turned into.

“A certain Emmanuel Nwaolisa. A Pharmacist who graduated from UNIPORT. (Emmanuella Adaolisa as facebook name.) Until the unthinkable happened on the 31st of January 2023. Nobody knew he was transgender.

“This person started worshiping at St. John’s Catholic Church, Iwofe Road Portharcourt in November 2022.

“All along, she was putting on an engagement ring, and wearing all manner of female makeup, female clothing et’ al. She joined Choirs, climbing Alter at will…….

“She had told people around her in the church that she’s from Ondo, she’s done her traditional marriage, and she’s now in her wedding classes at St. Johns Catholic Church. On that note, parishioners were going along well with her.

“On that fateful 31st of January, after the evening Programme in the church, on her way home, she met her Waterloo.

“She was seen in a tricycle (Keke) inside a gutter, bleeding all around her face.
After being there for a while with little or no rescue, the info got to the church choir members who went there to confirm the story to be true.

“There and then, she was taken to a military hospital around Rumuola PH. On getting there, she was confirmed dead on arrival (DOA).

“Furthermore, she was to be dressed by the mortuary attendants, it was there they discovered that she was a he……

“The mortuary attendants then called on the church choirmaster to interview him on the gender they deposited with them, the choirmaster responded that it was a female.

“But when he and his team was led to really confirm their position, low and behold… The choir team was bewildered by what they saw that they have been dealing with a man but not a woman as she claimed.“Many other stories about him started surfacing from people that knew him before. Please, my people, let’s be vigilant at all times.”

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