July 15, 2024

Expert says E-commerce will diversify economy, cushion effect of COVID-19 pandemic


Ini Billie, Uyo

An e-commerce expert and CEO of EC Global Mall/Founder, BrandoCoin and Exchange, Mr Ubong Brownson has urged Nigerians to diversify their economy by embracing the online business.

Speaking on Tuesday in Uyo, Brownson said the best way to sustain the economy and cushion the effect of the different phases of the COVID-19, was for Nigerians to take advantage of the online business space.

He, however, cautioned Nigerians against investing in online businesses that do not have products to market, saying such businesses would not stand the test of time.

“The COVID-19 pandemic changed the world. As bad as the pandemic has been and the losses it brought because of the lockdown, to some nation’s economy, it also became an eye-opener to the possibilities available in the new world where everything can be done online.

“Now we have virtual meetings online, we buy and sell online, we have group meetings online, we have group recreational activities online; virtually everything now can be done online. So, for those who wish the world to go back to normal or how it used to be, you need to wake up to the reality of the new world where we are.

“But those considering investing in online businesses must first ensure that owners of such online platforms have products to sell. This is because online businesses not generating money cannot stand. Such platforms are mere pyramid schemes,” he stated.

Explaining the concept of BrandoCoin and Exchange, the indigenous Crypto currency founder said he developed it to help account owners make easy transfers, withdrawals, and purchases.

Brownson explained that Brando is a cryptocurrency exchange and wallet that give people access to popular cryptos.

“BrandoCoin (BDC) was officially launched on the 9th of July 2021 and is used by members in more than 50 countries. Brando is creating the world’s biggest exchange and utility-based coin that will ensure that millions of people around the world are able to access digital assets and upcoming blow-chain projects in the BEP20/ERC20 ecosystem.

“With your account, you can buy any coin of your choice. With that App, you can swap the coin to any coin you want, from Bitcoin to Ethereum or Litecoin. The security and privacy of the APP are guaranteed,” he said.

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