June 23, 2024

Election largess parts two actresses

Election largess pitches two actresses against each other

Election largess pitches two actresses against each other

“You’re the mother of “Runs and have recently aborted a baby for a married man”, Actress Aminatu Papapa and Adunni Ade expose each other.

365NEWS gathered that Nollywood actress, Bukky Adekogbe Raji better known as Aminatu Papapa has called out Adunni Ade for throwing shade at her.

This year’s general election has brought several clashes between celebrities over their presidential choice.

From Iyabo Ojo vs Dayo Amusa to Iyabo Ojo vs Lege Miami, Iyabo Ojo vs Bimbo Akisanya, Georgina Onuoha vs Chioma Akpotha and many more.

Taking to her Instagram live, Aminatu Papapa called out Adunni Ade for claiming Yoruba actors who attended Tinubu’s political rally were paid peanuts.

Aminatu noted how she isn’t one to fight publicly or make noise online, however, she wouldn’t take lightly Adunni’s words.

Calling the actress several unprintable names, Aminatu questioned why Adunni was bitter about their support for Tinubu.

She made it clear to the actress that they turned up for Tinubu because of the love they have for him and not for monetary gains.

She questioned who was feeding the actress wrong information as she laid strong allegations against her.

Aminatu claimed that Adunni is the Queen of Runs girls and has recently aborted a baby for a married man.

“I don’t like to come on social media to shout and make noise and be abusing each other. Adunni Ade it what are they calling you? Are you mad?

“You said, “they went to work for 40 days but they gave them peanut money. What’s ur business? Did they tell you that it was for the money we went there or for the love we have for Asiwaju.

Who is giving you the wrong information? Who are you? You are the Queen of Runs girls. Of recent, you got pregnant for someone’s husband and went to abort it”.

Cursing her, Aminatu prayed for her mind not to be at rest.

“Okon yin oni bale @iamadunniade”.

Firing back, Adunni Ade took to her comment section to lay curses on her.

“Iya e ya were my dear! Elenu pelebe! You can’t tend on this glory”.

Also taking to her Instagram page, Adunni challenged her to a physical fight.

She told Aminatu to come to face her physically as she isn’t one to do social media fights.

“I already said it once and I say it again I don’t do internet drama. Y got a problem with me, come face me. I said what I said once and I say it again. U will not glow over my glory. You got a problem come face me. You can’t blow using me”.

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