April 24, 2024

Cybersecurity management in Nigerian corporate organisations: An imperative for national security

Cybersecurity management in Nigerian corporate organisations: An imperative for national security

The rise in digitisation underscores the crucial role of cyber security. Nigeria’s corporate sphere magnifies the significance. This research examines the cyber security management structures within Nigerian corporations, focusing on the assets, threats, and vulnerabilities they face.

The global digital landscape is rapidly changing, amplifying the importance of cybersecurity. For Nigerian corporate entities, the potential consequences of inadequate cybersecurity are vast and varied. This study investigates the cybersecurity management systems of these entities.

Employing both positivist and interpretivist paradigms, this research adopted a dual-method approach. The initial phase consisted of intensive documentary research, followed by an exhaustive quantitative survey. A representative sample of 328 IT managers and proprietors provided responses, which were then analyzed using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS).

The data highlighted a concerning situation. Despite Nigerian corporations’ widespread adoption of information and communication technologies (ICTs), there exists a significant gap in their corresponding cybersecurity measures. This vulnerability has repercussions beyond individual organizations, raising macroeconomic and national security issues. Our traditional definition of national security, previously limited to physical threats, needs to expand to include the present and potent cyber threats, which endanger areas like economic growth and energy security.

While many developed countries have established specialized cyber agencies, emerging nations such as Nigeria need to catch up. Cyber threats are pervasive, but these economies often lack the expertise and infrastructure to counteract them.

To address this issue, organizations must prioritize comprehensive cybersecurity training at all hierarchical levels. The Nigerian government’s role in establishing specialized regulatory bodies and enforcing strict cyber compliance is also crucial.

In today’s digitally intricate era, cyber threats ignore national frontiers. With Nigeria’s corporate realm burgeoning, proactive cyber security measures are non-negotiable. Secure digital spaces aren’t just corporate assets; they’re cornerstones of national security.

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