May 21, 2024

Chaos as gunshots boom in Lagos

Chaos as gunshots boom in Lagos

Etim Ekpimah

Pandemonium broke out around the Mile 2 area of Lagos State following the killing of a truck driver by security operatives.

News Express said irate Lagos agberos barred commuters from using Mile 2 owing to the killing of a truck driver.

The incident which took place around 8:15 am on Tuesday morning saw security operatives rent the air with gunshots; passers-by were ordered to leave the area.

“Angry agberos (touts) have blocked the roads and are burning tyres,” a News Express Special Correspondent said on a telephone around 8:15 Tuesday morning, September 5, 2023.

He added, “Everywhere is blocked and there is no movement between Mile 2 and Apapa,” he informed.

As he was speaking, guns started to boom as the police arrived.

“I cannot see well again; teargas has entered my eyes!” the Special Correspondent wailed as gunshots rent the air and a policeman could be heard ordering him to leave the area.

It was not immediately clear why the truck driver was shot and killed in cold blood.

X user in his handle @PO_GrassRootM in a video he posted asked Nigerians to avoid Mile 2 area. A voice in the area said, “Dey don kill somebody.”

The Police Public Relations Officer, Lagos State Command, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, could not be reached for comments as he did not answer calls made to his telephone. He did not also respond to text messages that had been sent to his telephone.

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