June 24, 2024

APC support group displeases with Alaibe’s visit to Tinubu

APC support group frowns at Alaibe's visit to Tinubu

Nathan Tamarapreye, Yenagoa

An All Progressives Congress support group in Bayelsa, the Bayelsa APC Integrity Group (AIG) has frowned at the recent visit of Chief Nduimi Alaibe to President Bola Tinubu at the Presidential Villa in Abuja.

The group noted that the move was hypocritical as Alaibe was a top supporter and financier of the PDP and Atiku Abubakar in the presidential poll.

Elder Philip Suowari, Chairman of the APC group made his position in a statement issued on Monday in Yenagoa and wondered why Alaibe is now identifying with APC.

“In Bayelsa State, Alaibe was a top antagonist of Tinubu’s emergence. He saw everything wrong in Tinubu and APC. He openly supported the PDP and Atiku, which, indeed, we must concede is his right.

“But he went too far against Tinubu including notorious oppositions to the APC ICC.

“It is puzzling to see him lobbying this hard for appointment in a government he fought tirelessly, religiously, to truncate’

“He mobilised massively against Tinubu and the APC and now that Tinubu has won, he wants to turncoat all of a sudden.

“It is his right to express his franchise. Nothing wrong with that. what is wrong is for him to go against the principle he set for himself against President Tinubu during the campaigns,” The group stated.

The AIG further stated that if Alaibe is willing to defect to the APC he can do so and queue behind those before him, those who gave their all in Tinubu’s historic journey to the Nigerian Presidency instead of slithering around holes and backdoors.

“The APC Bayelsa Integrity Group hereby calls on the presidency, people of Bayelsa and Nigerians to discountenance Alaibe’s cynical and desperate efforts to gain attention in a government he swore never was to happen,” AIG stated.

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