April 22, 2024

Amy Jackson lashes out at trolls for mocking her transformation

Amy Jackson lashes out at trolls for mocking her transformation

Harsh and nasty comments like ‘Looking very bad’ and ‘You have ruined your face.’ The ‘Singh Is Bling’ actress has now reacted to such insensitive and hurtful messages.

During a conversation with Bombay Times, while lashing out at trolls, Amy said, ‘The online outcry from the Indian demographic is quite sad. I’ve worked with male co-stars who had drastically changed their look for a film and were highly praised for it.

The moment a woman does it through unusual hair and makeup which doesn’t conform to their idealism of beauty, they think they have the right to troll you.’ On being compared to Cillian Murphy, through various memes, she reacted, ‘I’m over the moon.

He’s chiselled perfection! I’ll get my flat cap and Brummie Birmingham accent ready for a Peaky Blinders comeback.’

Notably, recently Amy shared a bunch of pictures with her boyfriend Ed Westwick, but what grabbed attention was the uncanny similarities between her and Irish actor Cillian Murphy.

Her higher cheekbone, light eyes, and open-mouth expression in the pictures made netizens recall the ‘Peaky Blinders’ popular character, Thomas Shelby, played by Murphy. For more news and updates, stay tuned to ETimes.

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