April 13, 2024

Actor Junior Pope criticise female colleague, Onyi Alex


Nollywood star actor, Junior Pope Odonwodo has taken his female colleague, Onyi Alex to the cleaners.

This is coming moments after the delectable actress took to her Instagram stories and wrote; “It’s a sin for a broke man to say he’s in love with me..! Like how? I hustle because I don’t wanna be broke …”

“It’s okay to just trip from a distance!!! The goal is two hustles.. Not a hustle and a leach biko.”

However, reacting to her statement, Junior Pope took the social media and wrote; “But na rich men help 95 percent of all the broke women before and set them up… Why can’t it happen the other way round… (just asking for a friend) my dear sisters don’t be deceived…”

“Social media will fuck your psych up… With a broke guy or girl with prospects you can build an empire.”

“It’s a process… Make them no use pressure kill una… In your liltle way, you are all trying…”

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